The CDE AggMax system allows for the primary screening and high attrition washing of claybound material through a combination of our RotoMax Logwasher and high frequency screening technology.

This compact system allows the option of removal of the sand fraction prior to entering the RotoMax. This maximises the life of the wear parts inside the RotoMax. The aggregate processed by the RotoMax is subject to severe attrition, thus ensuring the highest level of clay is removed.

After the scrubbing process the clean aggregate is discharged onto the secondary Rinsing screen, which not only removes the sand fractions by means of spraybars but also de-waters the aggregate ready for further screening.

At the rear of the AggMax an optional trash screen can be integrated for applications where the removal of lightweight contaminants is required.; All sand fractions and water are piped back to the EvoWash to ensure maximum sand recovery.

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